Being there for you, listening & understanding

Individual Counseling:

Individual Counseling: Developing coping skills on an individual level to tackle interpersonal conflicts related to personal and professional development.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling: Using family systems to determine how to communicate and function cooperatively as a unit by teaching skills to incorporate family routines, norms, and beliefs.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child and Adolescent Counseling: Counseling children form ages 5 – 17 by assisting them with using assertive communication in the home, school, and community while processing difficulties with peers and events that may have been traumatic for them.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision: Providing a safe and supportive opportunity for aspiring Licensed Professional Counselors to engage in critical reflection to raise issues, explore problems, and discover new ways of handling both the situation and oneself.

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